Exodus Chapter 37

Beseleel maketh the ark: the propitiatory, and cherubims, the table, the candlestick, the lamps, and the altar of incense, and compoundeth the incense.

37:1. And Beseleel made also, the ark of setim wood: it was two cubits and a half in length, and a cubit and a half in breadth, and the height was of one cubit and a half: and he overlaid it with the purest gold within and without.

37:2. And he made to it a crown of gold round about,

37:3. Casting four rings of gold at the four corners thereof: two rings in one side, and two in the other.

37:4. And he made bars of setim wood, which he overlaid with gold,

37:5. And he put them into the rings that were at the sides of the ark to carry it.

37:6. He made also the propitiatory, that is, the oracle, of the purest gold, two cubits and a half in length, and a cubit and a half in breadth.

37:7. Two cherubims also of beaten gold, which he set on the two sides of the propitiatory:

37:8. One cherub in the top of one side, and the other cherub in the top of the other side: two cherubims at the two ends of the propitiatory,

37:9. Spreading their wings, and covering the propitiatory, and looking one towards the other, and towards it.

37:10. He made also the table of setim wood, in length two cubits, and in breadth one cubit, and in height it was a cubit and a half.

37:11. And he overlaid it with the finest gold, and he made to it a golden ledge round about,

37:12. And to the ledge itself he made a polished crown of gold, of four fingers breadth, and upon the same another golden crown.

37:13. And he cast four rings of gold, which he put in the four corners at each foot of the table,

37:14. Over against the crown: and he put the bars into them, that the table might be carried.

37:15. The bars also themselves he made of setim wood, and overlaid them with gold.

37:16. And the vessels for the divers uses of the table, dishes, bowls, and cups, and censers of pure gold, wherein the libations are to be offered.

37:17. He made also the candlestick of beaten work of the finest gold. from the shaft whereof its branches, its cups, and bowls, and lilies came out:

37:18: Six on the two sides: three branches on one side, and three on the other.

37:19. Three cups in manner of a nut on each branch, and bowls withal and lilies: and three cups of the fashion of a nut in another branch, and bowls withal and lilies. The work of the six branches, that went out from the shaft of the candlestick was equal.

37:20. And in the shaft itself were four cups after the manner of a nut, and bowls withal at every one, and lilies:

37:21. And bowls under two branches in three places, which together made six branches going out from one shaft.

37:22. So both the bowls, and the branches were of the same, all beaten work of the purest gold.

37:23. He made also the seven lamps with their snuffers, and the vessels where the snuffings were to be put out, of the purest gold.

37:24. The candlestick with all the vessels thereof weighed a talent of gold.

37:25. He made also the alter of incense of setim wood, being a cubit on every side foursquare, and in height two cubits: from the corners of which went out horns.

37:26. And he overlaid it with the purest gold, with its grate, and the sides, and the horns.

37:27. And he made to it a crown of gold round about, and two golden rings under the crown at each side, that the bars might be put into them, and the altar be carried.

37:28. And the bars themselves he made also of setim wood, and overlaid them with plates of gold.

37:29. He compounded also the oil for the ointment of sanctification, and incense of the purest spices, according to the work of a perfumer.